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Packaging machine series

Customized equipment

Palletizer series

Transport system

Chain-type conveyor

The chain-type conveyor conveyor can transport all kinds of glass bottles, PET bottles, cans and other materials. The chain plate can be made of stainless steel, engineering plastics or other materials. A wide variety of specifications, according to the transport materials and process requirements, can be made in order to meet the needs of different industries

Roller conveyor

The roller conveyor can be divided into either a dynamic or non-dynamic raceway line in accordance with the driving mode. Based on the needs, it can be divided into a horizontal conveying raceway line, an inclined conveying raceway line or a turning conveying raceway line.

Belt conveyor

Various kinds of materials can be transported such as bulk materials, cartons, bags. It is also oil resistant, corrosion resistant and anti-static, which enables it to convey other material with special requirement.

Air conveyor

The pneumatic conveyor has high conveying speed and efficiency, which can meet the needs of high-speed filling machine. With long conveying line long and flexible and diverse layout, it can be used for horizontal conveying, up-slope conveying and turning conveying, which makes full use of the workshop space.

Telescopic belt conveyor

Telescopic belt conveyor can be used alone to complete the positive and reverse transport of goods. It can also be used with the hoist, roller belt conveyor, fixed belt conveyor, assembly line and others to form a complete three-dimensional automatic conveyor system, completing the work from raw materials entering the factory to production, assembly, finished products warehousing, ex-factory loading and so on.

Vertical conveyor series

1: continuous vertical conveyor
Continuous vertical conveyor can be divided into Z type, C type according to the direction of import and export transport.

2: reciprocating vertical conveyor
Reciprocating vertical conveyor can be divided into Z type, C type and E type according to the direction of import and export transport.

3: Screw-type conveyor
Screw-type conveyor can be divided into three categories: drum type, chain type and belt type.