SINCE 2012

Suzhou youguan machinery equipment co. LTD

Suzhou Youguan Mechanical Equipment Co., LTD., established in 2012, is an innovative technology enterprise of Suzhou city in Jiangsu province that honors contracts and keeps promises, and a premier supplier of down stream equipment in the beverage industry in China. The company has established strategic cooperation with many companies in Germany, Italy and Sweden, and is their designated subcontracting manufacturer in mainland China. Our services cover more than 30 provinces, cities and autonomous regions in China and many industries such as medicine, beverage, grain and oil, wine, seasoning, instant noodle, feed and dairy.

Inheriting a long history of the industry through the integration and reorganization of industrial resources, Youguan Machinery has reinvigorated itself with a new operating mechanism, establishing its own strong R&D through talent attraction and talent training.

Advanced technology is the driving force of enterprise development. So, in order to adapt to the needs of rapid development of modern enterprise, Suzhou Youguan Mechanical Equipment Co., LTD. has assimilated advanced technologies from Germany, Japan, France, Italy and other international leaders in this field. Our extensive knowledge of the Chinese market and our willingness to constantly explore and refine business practices constitute the source of Youguan Machinery’s leading technological edge to position us at the forefront of the industry.

Youguan Machinery products are assembled under strict quality management using first-class brand of raw materials and parts: ABB, SEW, NORD Motors, SIEMENS, DANFOSS, LEUZE, Mitsubishi, OMRON Electrical Control Components, FESTO, CAMOZZ Control Valves. We pay great attention to every detail of assembly and effectively monitor every key node in the process of equipment assembly to ensure the perfect performance and appearance of each product.

The company mainly produces and sells the following series of products:

Automatic packaging equipment: granulator, sleeve packaging machine, unpacking machine, box sealing machine, carton forming machine, packing machine, baling machine, wrapping machine, palletizer, evaporator, dryer, etc.

Logistics transport equipment: modular net conveyor, roller conveyor, roof chain conveyor, belt conveyor, screw conveyor, elevator, bottle conveyor and other transport systems;

Additionally, Youguan Machinery provides customers with water treatment systems, pre-treatment and distribution systems, fermentation and drying systems, beverage factory supporting machinery and equipment and other turnkey engineering services.

Youguan Machinery offers enterprise-class customer support. We endeavor to assist our customers as much as possible whether it be implementing engineering layout designs, facilitating technical or operational trainings, or simply being on call for technical consultation.

The company strives to embody the enterprise spirit of "technological innovation, quality first, and the pursuit of being an industry leader” when considering the design, manufacturing, installation and service of automatic packaging systems. Integrating advanced modern science and technology with years of rich professional history, a proven management system and a skilled and dedicated workforce, we can make the most economical and reasonable planning scheme for you, implement scientific processing quality control systems to meet your needs and provide enterprise-class post-sales service.