What is customized non-standard automation equipment? You must have this misunderstanding.

2019-03-27 16:30:40
Non standard automation equipment, many people think that it is only an automated device
Non standard automation equipment, many people think that it is only an automated device. But what you may not know about its utility is not very clear. In fact, non-standard automation equipment is a custom product. It has a strong uniqueness. As we all know, standardized products can be produced in large quantities. Instead of standard automation equipment, this product is produced in strict accordance with the strict requirements of the state. The quality requirement is mainly determined by the manufacturer's production standard, which is the complete definition of non-standard automation equipment. From this definition, it has unique characteristics. Do you know what the characteristics of non standard automation equipment are?

1, it is the design of non-standard automation equipment, it still focuses more on standardization. It is produced in strict accordance with national standards in production. This ensures reliable product safety and does not ensure that its quality is not guaranteed.

2, non-standard automation devices pay more attention to modularization: each user can customize their products according to their own needs. The non-standard automation equipment fully embodies its superiority in this respect, because there is only one module, so it can better exert the performance of this module.

3, the characteristics are simple. Non standard automation equipment pays more attention to concise design. No need to use very complex equipment, and the function is custom operation, is a relatively simple device. Some products are more popular because they have many functions, but sometimes we don't need so many functions. What should we do? The complex parts can be removed by non-standard automation devices, and it will be easier to operate.

4, it uses the latest 3D design software to make products more diversified. Each part of the product can be a separate assembly. The function of non-standard automation equipment reduces the ownership problem of components. The weight and center of gravity have been greatly improved, and this design can also be used in subsequent processing. Unlike other products, it is not a molding process.

5, because relative to the standard mechanical products, the company needs to produce equipment according to its own needs, non-standard automation equipment is not standardized production in general sense, it has high technical requirements, it can be used in every industry, and it also has a good evaluation in various industries.

Non standard automation equipment is now more widely applied, and it can be customized through the characteristics of non-standard automation equipment, and it can survive in many industries.

Conclusion: non-standard automation equipment can solve some complex problems of inefficient or difficult operation in the process of artificial production, and design non-standard automation equipment. The purpose is to improve the production efficiency and productivity of enterprises, thereby reducing the cost of workers' wages and unnecessary losses caused by manual operation.